I am Erin Elisse, a clever marketing consultant using relevant marketing to reach today’s mindsets.

The services I offer include:

Campaign Management

Hire me to be responsible for your campaigns, implementing a multi-channel modern marketing mix for the highest ROI.

Marketing Strategy

Get clever. Don’t waste your time with boring or humdrum techniques. Let me come in to build your marketing department with the right strategies and people, so you are not just catching up, but put in the lead.

Content Writing

Improve your SEO, become more approachable to your audience AND shorten the sales process. I create creative, top-notch content, so you do less talking and they do more reading.


Offer the best products/services and get noticed! Get your brand found on Google, using a dedicated SEO person who thinks differently.

For Marketers

Hire an outside perspective. When marketers hire me, the deal has sky-high perks. I fill in the gaps, doing the things you don’t have the time, resources or “big idea” to do yourself.


I am very big-picture oriented, with a paradoxically acute attention to detail (the right detail). I do a lot of things, and I do them well.