Some of my writing is due to inspiration, motivation, a force against guilt, second-nature, and this piece is initially birthed from bitterness.

Common Marketing Views

One of the challenges of my job is to relay the power of thoughtful design, consistent branding and unified marketing efforts. Usually, clients and employers think of marketing as flyers, print ads, the occasional press release and editing.

Social media is often scorned (I do sympathize), someone convinced them to do PPC and SEO was sold by a salesman-like US company with “people” in the Philippines.

To bring in new ideas is a challenge. What if design is not as “subjective” as you think? What if consistent branding was less about “details” and more about reinforcing a message? What if you could use the right system to make marketing efficient?

It all sounds well and good to the prospective client. Who doesn’t want bigger and better? Measured results? “Sign me up.”

That’s fine, unless you are a business who is not ready.

Business Characteristics Compromising Growth

1. Not Seeing Value in Clean, Functional Design

In theory, it sounds great. Businesses want to be seen as innovative. But when it comes to redoing a website, they want it to move, shine and somehow resemble a new car. Not a Volvo or even a Mercedes, more like a souped up Cadillac. Businesses respect Apple, but they do not understand the philosophy behind the name, or even what really makes their products great.

2. Needing Everyone’s Buy-In

There will always be politics in the workplace, but when everyone has to agree to move forward with “revolutionary” type ideas, there’s no getting anywhere. Then ideas become so watered down.

3. Connection to the Past

In the old days, services sold and people listened. Now, we are dealing with a new beast. And it’s a sexier one. I am still attached to vinyl and film, but when it comes to marketing, it looks like something no one could have ever imagined (except maybe Aldous Huxley, George Orwell or Yevgeny Zamyatin). When businesses are resistant to automating the selling of their product/service online, they will have to pay for it later. And, be in a worse off position. All actions are quantifiable. If we can do our banking, taxes and insurance online, we can do anything.

4. Focus On The Now

To be successful, businesses need to have the infrastructure to support growth and the innovation to keep ahead. While marketing campaigns (done my way) are highly profitable, they are not the end-all-be-all. Insurance companies spend billions a year with only marginal returns. Isn’t there something missing? Absolutely. And the answer lies beyond salesmanship.

Take Advantage of Their Resistance to Change

Many businesses do not want modern marketing (or new ways to earn money), and choose to hang on to old world tactics. Failure to recognize value in marketing (due to past failures and misunderstandings) stunts growth.

It is sad for me to come across businesses who have the means and past successes to do something great with their brand, and choose to say, “No.” They do not use words, “We do not want innovation.” But, they are too disconnected from modern mindsets- the new ways people want, hear, see and process.

This disconnect is what makes me a little bitter, but at the same time successful. Weeding out the competition becomes easier. Few understand philosophy enough to go beyond “imitation.” And it puts the smarter ones years ahead.

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