Being articulate is distracting.

It lures people in, and depending upon whether their expectations are met, it keeps people engaged.

Communicate extra information, without having to put it online. By creating whitepapers, you have the ability to interact, and follow leads.
Use whitepapers:

  • As a call-to-action on your website
  • To acquire emails at a conference
  • Communicate how-to information to your customers

Whether 2 pages, 5, or 50, I create excellent whitepapers on any topic.

It feels so good to come upon a website or landing page that declares, “We get it, we get you, we have what you want.” If that claim is met, I feel understood as a customer, and am filled with more trust. Mission accomplished.

  • Have your website, or landing page, written from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Using your branding guidelines, I will creatively provoke your audience with articulate vocabulary.
  • I will turn your points into something very clearly understood.
Ebooks act as whitepapers, but are even more in-depth. If you intrigue your customers enough to buy your ebook, you have already started creating your loyal customer base. Give them the tools and information they need, by spelling your insight out.


  • Create a loyal customer following and engagement.
  • I will streamline the creation process, so you can start making ongoing profit- quickly.
  • I even create you a landing page, giving you a great analytics tool.
Make your blog worth something. No matter your industry, there is a way to make necessary blogging your best retention tool. It takes creativity to make your blog profitable, and I have that. I write the quality content, but also have the entrepreneurial mindset that gives your blog buzz.
When done right, newsletters can be emails your clients look forward to. Keep in touch with your customers by advertising specials, new products, events and by sharing articles. In the meantime, you stay on your customer’s minds, and continue to build relationships.
Make the sales process FASTER. Give your sales people the right kits and information to close the deal. Put your knowledge and insight on paper, and let the articulation exude confidence, respect and trust for your customers.

Some package options:

Get Blogging

Receive 4-10 blogs a month to help your SEO and appeal.

  • Keep customers interested
  • Get found on Google
  • Become an industry authority

Get Informed

Offer website visitors whitepapers, especially in exchange for new emails and lead engagement.

  • Get leads
  • Increase online conversions
  • Improve engagement
  • Make your voice count

Get SEO-friendly

Improve your rankings on Google, with provoking copy.

  • Spark curiosity
  • Create powerhouse landing pages
  • Update current content

Whether for a conference, to keep regular clients engaged, to make a great first impression, for employees, or as tools for your sales team, HIRE ME to create fresh, quality content.