For the Small and Large Marketing Business:

When it comes to the digital, analytical and traditional marketing agenda, marketers generally have specific strengths and skillsets. I do not fit this mold as I am proficient in providing effective SEO, design, branding AND strategy. I have been in all of these positions before and worked closely with experts in each area. I understand the theories behind good design, good SEO and smart branding. I am a rare case.

My diverse array of skills is especially useful for other marketers, whether you are a company who wants to expand their presence, or a person/business who needs help with client work. I am easy to work with, work on a contract basis and will transform your business for the better.

Even marketing companies need marketing:

If you are a marketing company looking to expand your presence, I make you regionally and/or nationally competitive. I have already done an extensive amount of research on marketing companies all across the country and globe. I use the competitive research to make recommendations for your website, brand, target-based approach and advertising methods. I will identify your strengths and differentiators, and ensure they stand out not only to your local neighbors, but across state borders.

Hire an outsider’s cultivated perspective, and see all the places you can go.

Contact me, and let’s get started.

You have needed help with client work.

  • Maybe you are not as technologically proficient as need-be, but you sure don’t want to lose the sale.
  • Or, maybe you are just too busy.
  • Maybe you have worked with a freelancer or agency in the past and they just did not deliver.

All of those issues or problems are not a problem with me.

I am easy to communicate with, I am down to earth, dependable and I get the job done.

I take these things off your plate:

  • WordPress site creation (writing and design)
  • SEO blog writing
  • SEO web copy
  • SEO reports
  • PPC campaign monitoring
  • SEO audits
  • Newsletter writing
  • Whitepaper writing

Hire me to help with your client work, so you can focus on driving more sales. Contact me, and I will respond to you within 2 business days.