Let me keep your marketing efforts alive and thriving.

Differentiate yourself by knowing the current trends. Navigate the course of your business with insider knowledge.

Competitive Analysis

Use the competition to your advantage. Find out where they are thriving and why. Find their holes. There are ALWAYS holes. Are you competing for the same niche market? Learn from their mistakes.

Hire me to use one or a combination of the tactics aside. Receive a report highlighting your competitors, their main selling points, analytics, advertising methods, what has worked for them, what they are missing, and the opportunity you have to step in.

Acquire your competitive analysis overview, using:

  • Market studies
  • SEO Research
  • Interviews
  • In-person analysis
  • Technology research
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Like a business plan, you need a marketing plan.
What type of tools should you be using?
What should you be doing on a weekly and monthly basis to make your marketing efforts effective?
Marketing can be something overlooked, but even if you do not have a dedicated marketing person (or too much for one marketing person to handle), there are industry-specific practices you can use to yield the highest ROI. I assign value to the time and budget you have dedicated to marketing.


  • Current performance
  • Company background
  • Long-term objective
  • Problems/opportunities
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Positioning statement
  • Target market
  • Product strategy

The plan consists of:

  • Marketing tools and practices to implement
  • Recommended budget
  • Ways you monitor returns
  • 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year expectations
  • You will receive a 1-hour Skype consultation at each milestone


Interview who your market is, and who you want it to be. Find out what exactly that market is looking for.

Find out what your customers really think about you. And use that information. Launching a new website, product or service? Get feedback on those efforts too. Sometimes slight tweaks to your approach make a large monetary difference.

Drive your marketing and sales. Hire me to put together a series of surveys, with recommendations and a statistical analysis of the results.


  • Customer or employee satisfaction
  • Product/Service disconnects (between the way you view your product/service and your customers)
  • Target market

Brand Identity

Branding effects how far a company can go, not usually determined by effort, but rather by outlining a clear, innovative path.
Businesses who pay attention to their branding are far better set up for success.
Branding allows visitors to admire, remember, trust and appreciate working with you.
Well-functioning, clean design makes a difference in achieving business goals.

I help you with:

  • Product packaging
  • Branding Guide
  • Logo/letterhead/business card creation
  • Branding copy (customer emails, employee handbooks, etc.)
  • Strategic planning and consulting
  • Case studies and use cases