Let me be your problem solver.

I bring clarity and resolution to your specialized tasks.

Are old ways of doing things no longer working?  Cut costs.  Outrun the competition by being smart.

Build A Successful Marketing Department

The biggest and best service I provide in this “Other” category is for those who need to develop their marketing department.  Whether your business already has some type of system in place and it is not working, or you need to start from scratch, I provide the know-how to work with your budget and help make marketing profitable.
By bringing in forward thinking ideas, I reconcile any company’s leverage with a technology-minded demographic.

What I Do:

  • Work with execs to define business priorities and target audience
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Implement project management tools
  • Bring in the right people
  • Assign the right tasks
  • Monitor and analyze the system, until consistent results
I bring a young and proper expertise to the table in implementing, hiring and managing tasks and resources.  I use often undefined and uncommon job descriptions, uniting the creative and technical worlds, so your business has creative people who can think with a business-mind.

Some other services I provide include:

Encourage viewers to watch, until the end. Testimonial video, scripts, product display, tutorials, instructions, advertisements, stop motion.
You cannot always control what goes right or wrong, but put me in charge of your conference event, and I will take care of all your planning and execution. Planning, ordering, logistics,booth design, price estimates, local research, merchandise, flyers, ad space, setup/take down, strategic PR releases, mobile site, event site page, call-to-action (whitepapers, sales kits, tutorials), t-shirts, etc.
Let me teach your team specific skills like Photoshop, or how to maximize your Google Adwords campaign.  The possibilities are endless.